2015 Promises to Be a Big Year

January 1, 2015 by Drader

2015Happy New Year to all looking for green biopesticide and bioherbicide technologies that #DoNoHarm to the environment. 2015 promises to be a breakthrough year for EcoPesticides and our biologic-based technology that allows us to target specific, crop-destroying insect pests without harming the environment, friendly insects like #honeybees, and of course, humans.

Why do we say this? There are a number of reasons. Our fundraising has been very successful and we’ve got two grant proposals out that could catapult us to the next level very quickly. Our wet lab at the #SantaFeIncubator is up and perfecting our encapsulation technology that protects biopesticides and bioherbicides from UV, thus extending their potency and effectiveness. Finally, members of the EcoPesticides team are headed to Montana to learn how to raise grasshoppers (yes, grasshoppers) for trials here in New Mexico, while another is headed to India in February to meet with a strategic partner interested in applying our technology in India and other markets.

It’s a lot of action and we are up for it. Stay tuned and all the best in 2015!

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