Battling the Plague with KRQE

December 16, 2014 by Drader

Thanks to Moses, when we think of plagues of biblical proportions, we think locusts. Even with modern technology – or should we say despite modern technology – locusts continue to plague farmers around the world.  This is particularly true in parts of Africa, where swarms of locusts routinely devour an entire season’s worth of crops and putting the lives of subsistence farmers into question.

Last October, Bob Martin of #KRQE in Albuquerque produced an exceptional video on EcoPesticides and the work we’re doing to target specific insect pests such as locusts with biopesticides that are encapsulated in our unique technology to extend their potency and effectiveness. Bob and his team truly captured the story in this video, which we hope you’ll watch. It looks like something you’d see on #NatGeo.

Thanks Bob for sharing the #EcoPesticide story of #DoNoHarm.

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