Global Biocontrol Events Underscore Growing Interest in Biologic Pesticides

Concerns about the ill effects of chemical crop protection continue to rise, and the world’s agribusiness industry is not sitting on the sidelines. In early March, two major events addressing biocontrol solutions were held in Fresno, California, and EcoPesticides was there.

Faulting EPA, Green Leaders Warn Obama: Bees Running Out of Time

In a letter sent to President Obama on February 5, 2015, eleven of the nation’s top environmental and public health advocacy groups demanded the administration take much stronger and swifter action to end the threat to the nation’s most prolific pollinators, most prominently the honey bee, caused by the widespread use of neonicotinoids, a dangerous class of pesticide.

Next Stop: Kansas City and the 2015 Invest Midwest Forum

Life in the fast lane for a start-up company like EcoPesticides takes us to some exciting places. Africa. Texas. Montana. India. And soon, we’ll be off to Kansas City, Missouri.

Destination: Montana. Mission: Grow Our Own Grasshoppers.

In just a few days, EcoPesticides Chief Technology Officer Adam Forshaw and I will be traveling to the far reaches of Montana on board an eight-seat Cessna. Our mission is to meet with one of the world’s foremost authorities on the microbial control of insect pests and return to New Mexico with additional insights on our technology and the beginnings of a colony of rangeland grasshoppers.

Indian Government Releases Report on Pesticide Residue in Foods

Among the unintended consequences of chemical pesticides for crop protection, is the residue that remains on various crops. This, of course, is cause for concern as pesticides are by their very nature designed to kill pests.

Now That We’ve Got That Out of the Way

We put out a press release today that we’d successfully crossed a major bridge in the startup life of EcoPesticides. It felt so good saying it, that we’re saying it again: we successfully closed our Series A Round, raising $400,000.

Global Biopesticide Market to Reach $2.8 Billion in 2015

CPL Scientific is projecting that global sales of biopesticides will reach $2.8 billion in 2015, or 4% of the overall crop protection market.

2015 Promises to Be a Big Year

Happy New Year to all looking for green biopesticide and bioherbicide technologies that #DoNoHarm to the environment. 2015 promises to be a breakthrough year for EcoPesticides and our biologic-based technology…

Battling the Plague with KRQE

Thanks to Moses, when we think of plagues of biblical proportions, we think locusts. Even with modern technology – or should we say despite modern technology – locusts continue to plague farmers around the world.

UNM’s Investment in EcoPesticides Is an Investment in New Mexico

Earlier this week, we were pleased to announce that the University of New Mexico, through its STC.UNM Co-Investment Fund, has invested $89,000 in EcoPesticides. This is great news for a startup company like ours, but for a startup company in New Mexico, it’s even better news.