Biomed Central Publishes Study on EcoPesticides’ Solution to Wine Industry Woes

The California wine and grape industries have long been threatened by Pearce’s Disease, an insect-borne disease that kills grape vines, and industry worth $21.7 billion. EcoPesticides co-investors Ravi Durvasula, MD, and Adam Forshaw, MD, recently published an article in BMC Biotechnology,

Albuquerque Business Journal Cites EcoPesticides’ Series A Close


Innovosource Features EcoPesticides


UNM science attacks locusts in Africa

ALBUQUERQUE, NM (KRQE) – You might not expect medical doctors to be involved in killing locusts in Africa, but that’s exactly what UNM Medical School’s Dr. Ravi Durvasula and eighth-year medical school student Adam Forshaw are doing.

UNM startup to prove it can protect crops from the desert locust

Ecopesticides uses fungi to stop crop destroying insects. By Karen Wentworth — September 02, 2014