EcoPesticides Chief Science Officer Heads to India in April

March 19, 2015 by Drader

Dr. Ravi Durvasula
Dr. Ravi Durvasula

In less than a month, EcoPesticides’ inventor and chief science officer, Dr. Ravi Durvasula, will be traveling to India to meet with potential strategic partners. On the table will be discussions on how best and how quickly we can advance our proprietary biologic pesticide and performance-enhancing encapsulation technologies and bring them to the global market.

We anticipate serious conversations. Already, EcoPesticides has been approached by several Indian companies interested in our technology that is designed to target and control specific insect pests while doing no harm to the environment. India, like many other regions of the world, has a growing concern about the impact chemical pesticides and herbicides are having on our world and our health.

EcoPesticides’ microencapsulation technology has demonstrated proof-of-concept in lab and cage trials showing superior resistance to UV and higher lethality to insects compared to unencapsulated biopesticides. Applications can include any microorganism that is susceptible to UV degradation.

EcoPesticides believes we have a role to play in the sustainable agriculture movement. Our biologic-based pesticides are made from naturally occurring fungi or bacteria that are lethal to specific insect species such as red palm weevils and locusts. These same fungi pose no threat to other insects such as honeybees, nor do they threaten humans, animals, air, soil or water. Even our encapsulation technology, which extends the effectiveness of the biologic pesticide in the field, is composed of natural ingredients.

Thankfully, there are a growing number of people in India, the United States, Africa, and beyond pushing for innovative, sustainable crop protection technology. This week in fact, Biocontrol Asia and the 13th Annual New Ag International are holding conferences in New Delhi. We’re sure sustainability is a major topic.

We are excited that our own Dr. Durvasula will be in India mid-April to join the conversation. Meetings are being scheduled with visionary companies. We welcome the opportunity to speak with other potential partners. Please Contact Us if this is of interest to you.

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