Faulting EPA, Green Leaders Warn Obama: Bees Running Out of Time

February 28, 2015 by Drader

1798197_10152225252080219_298989322_nIn a letter sent to President Obama on February 5, 2015, eleven of the nation’s top environmental and public health advocacy groups demanded the administration take much stronger and swifter action to end the threat to the nation’s most prolific pollinators, most prominently the honey bee, caused by the widespread use of neonicotinoids, a dangerous class of pesticide.

Neonicotinoids, which are often applied to seeds before planting, are particularly dangerous for bees because they poison the whole plant, including the nectar and pollen which bees eat.The letter points out that bees are essential to the nation’s food supply, farming system, economy, and environment, but are in great peril and populations are dwindling worldwide. A growing body of scientific evidence points to the widespread and indiscriminate use of a class of neurotoxic pesticides called neonicotinoids.

The letter calls on Obama to instruct the Environmental Protection Agency to immediately suspend neonicotinoid use and take retroactive and proactive steps to curb their adverse impacts. Environmental and public health advocacy groups are increasingly frustrated because Obama’s Pollinator Health Task Force is behind schedule on an important study, increasing the precarious position of pollinators.

The issue points to the growing need for new types of pesticides that do no harm to the environment. EcoPesticides’ biologic-based pesticide and encapsulation technologies are specifically designed to control only a targeted insect while doing no harm to any other living thing, including honey bees, and the environment itself. The demand for biopesticides is growing among the public as evidenced by a Facebook page dedicated entirely to educating people on the importance of honeybees. In the interest of bees and the world at large, it’s our hope to commercialize our technologies sooner rather than later!


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