Global Biocontrol Events Underscore Growing Interest in Biologic Pesticides

March 18, 2015 by Drader

CropsConcerns about the ill effects of chemical crop protection continue to rise, and the world’s agribusiness industry is not sitting on the sidelines. In early March, two major events addressing biocontrol solutions were held in Fresno, California, and EcoPesticides was there.

Event number one was the Global Biocontrol Industry and Workshop, sponsored by the International Biocontrol Federation held March 3. The first-ever international symposium was focused on advancing global harmonization of organic standards and regulations as they relate to biocontrols. More than 120 agribusiness representatives, from both business and government, from around the world were in attendance.

The second event was the Biocontrols Conference and Tradeshow on March 4 and 5, hosted by Meister Media in conjunction with the Biopesticide Industry Alliance. It was also held in Fresno to leverage attendance of the earlier event and also the proximity to California’s major fruit and vegetable growers. The event was presented by leading industry publications American/Western Fruit Grower, American Vegetable Grower, Greenhouse Grower, Cotton Grower, and Croplife.

 Interest in biocontrols – biologic-based methods of food crop, forestry and greenhouse protection – was high and this was a content rich event. Topics included the current state of biocontrols in U.S. agribusiness, the need for greater sustainability, public demand for lower pesticide levels on food crops, increasing use of biocontrols, and maximum allowable residue levels on food crops. During networking breaks, there was much discussion on these topics, and EcoPesticides was in the thick of it.

Based on attendance of these two groundbreaking events, EcoPesticides and our insect-specific, biologic-based pesticide and performance-boosting encapsulation technologies are not only on target, there is growing demand. We are excited to be involved in the global conversation and the potential to commercialize solutions that protect the world’s food crops without harm to any other living thing. Stay tuned!

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