New Mexico Start-Up Factory Launches EcoPesticides International

December 15, 2012 by Drader

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M., December 15, 2012 – – The New Mexico Start-Up Company has launched a start-up company focused on developing environmentally friendly pesticides using technology developed at the University of New Mexico.

The technology involves encapsulating naturally occurring fungi that combats crop-destructive insects such as locusts in organic polymers that extend the effectiveness of the fungi. Although the fungi controls specific harmful insects, it poses no threats to crops, people, animals, other insects, and the environment at large.

New Mexico Start-Up Company Director John Chavez says the “green” pesticide should have global appeal, pointing at interest from North African countries whose crops are threatened each year by locusts and from the Middle East where insects threaten date palms. There is strong global demand for environmentally friendly solutions to insects that destroy crops, and in turn, threaten the world’s food sources. We are excited about the potential of EcoPesticides’ technology to address world challenges.”

As a portfolio company of the New Mexico Start-Up Factory, EcoPesticides will receive support services critical to a young company. This includes assistance in securing additional grant funding and private investment to help the company commercialize its technology.

About New Mexico Start-Up Factory
The New Mexico Start-Up Factory is a business incubator established by the New Mexico Angels to fund and commercialize technology developed at the University of New Mexico.

About EcoPesticides International, Inc.
EcoPesticides is a New Mexico Start-Up Factory company that has developed environmentally friendly pesticides that rely on naturally occurring fungus to combat specific insects. The technology was developed at the University of New Mexico. Visit

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