We’re off to West Texas

November 11, 2014 by Drader

We do no harm to the environment - or longhorns.
We do no harm to the environment – or longhorns.

The life of a startup company entails pushing a big rock up a hill, or to put it another way, raising capital. Quite frankly, it’s a full time job as #EcoPesticides needs capital to advance our biologic pesticide and encapsulation technologies. This week, our CEO Les Stewart is off to Amarillo to present @WestTexasAngelNetwork. Amarillo, the self-proclaimed “Helium Capital of the World,” is home to large ranches and wheat and grain farms. These investors are likely aware of the damage that pests like the American grasshoppers do to crops and range lands as well as the harmful effects chemical pesticides can have on land and water. The message that our encapsulation technology extends the life of biologic pesticides that target and kill specific insect pests while doing no harm to the environment or animals like this big boy here should resonate with this audience. While we’ve almost closed our A Round, it’s never too early to start the B Round. Wish Les luck!

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